Friday, November 19, 2010

A few tips

Click HERE for a few tips on cooking.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Linkety link

There is a good article at I heart Mesa about natural eating.

Check it out HERE.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Gardening Class!

I got an e-mail today promoting this. I totally want to go:

#1 Secret to Growing Incredible Gardens"

Thursday Morning

November 4th, 2010

10:00 am-12:00

If you’re interested in growing incredible harvest producing gardens, you’re going to love this

class and it will prove highly valuable to you and your family!

"Effective Microorganisms"

What effective microorganisms are doing around the world.......

* EM grows green onions that are the size of a shovel handle
* Mammoth chives – yields increased 3 fold
* Hog farm threatened to be put out of business due to stench. School next door now claims to smell nothing.
* Denmark – Lake had clarity of 8 cm from surface and after treated with EM went to one meter
* Pakistan – Brackish water now able to grow rice in Pakistan, 30% of land irrigates with salt water.
* Chickens fed a diet of 50% EM treated dung had increased egg production.
* Indigenous bananas which are normally ½ finger long are now several fingers long
* In Japan oranges clustered on trees like grapes.
* North Korea. – EM fertilizer increased corn production two times.
* North Korea - 9-10 kilogram cabbage heads were unheard of before EM.
* 1 hectare of land now produces 9 tons of rice – twice it’s normal harvest.
* Fifteen hectares can now support 20 times its normal land use because the entire land can be used rather than needing to allow land to rest, and because the yields have increased.
* CHINA - 3 meters of snow pack does not stay on EM field which produces enough heat to keep round from freezing.
* North Korea can now grow wheat in winter because EM increased soil heat by 10 degrees Celsius
* One application of EM in pond water will remediate 50% of the dioxin
* Cotton grown in Arizona grew balls that were 50% normal size.
* Received medal of accomplishment from ministry of agriculture by Japanese government for reducing compost density by half and increasing harvest by 50%.
* Growth regulators are used in plants to encourage bottom buds to open. The use of EM caused bottom buds to open on even very tall plants

Eric Lancaster-

Reveals the Secrets of amazing Gardening in Arizona

Eric will share “double your harvest” technique which has received many heartfelt thanks and testimonials from gardeners who have doubled or tripled their annual yield.

Eric is going to share tried and tested growing techniques with EM.

if you do just these things, you will be miles ahead of other gardeners, and have one of your most amazing harvests to date. Most people don’t know these things, and do the OPPOSITE, making 3 big mistakes, getting poor, cracked fruit, dead and sick plants, or just not the yield they could have had.

Thursday Morning

10:00 - 12:00

4220 E McDowell Rd #103

Mesa, AZ 85215