Friday, June 18, 2010


Why is this blog here? Well I recently became obsessed with going natural. I want to eat more vegetables, use home made deodorant and have less chemicals in my home. So I have looking all over the internet for resources and talking to friends about what they do. I realized that my friends have a lot to say, and that I could link people from here to eternity. I didn't want to post the in my normal life blog, I wanted it to be separate. So I sent an e-mail out to my friends to see if they would join in. And lucky me, the coolest people ever said they would contribute whenever they found anything. So here we are.

I titled it SLOWLY going natural so as to not focus on those parts where I am full hypocrite--like dyeing my hair with chemicals and my love of Native New Yorker's honey-hot chicken wings. It's a process. We can all start small and slowly transition into a better lifestyle.

I've thought and thought about the categories I wanted to cover, so here they are:

Our Food--this includes recipes, nutrition, gardening, restaurants. Anything having to do with food

Our Home--Cleaning products, candles, bug control. Anything having to do with our daily home life.

Our Bodies--this includes deodorants, shampoos, clothes, facial products, lotions. Anything we may use on or next to our bodies.

Our Habits--Changing the stuff we know have become accustomed to. Reduce Reuse Recycle, Re-useable bags, crafts made from re-using stuff, etc. etc. You know--reducing, reusing, recycling.

We'd love your input. Do you have a good website you use? A product you recommend? A recipe for some sort of laundry soap? Whatever. Leave us a comment on the most recent post (we won't be checking old ones) and we'll check it out. Also, if you have some tip or something to add to a particular post, make sure to put it in the comments of that particular post, so others can benefit.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you like it here.

xoxo Jill

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  1. Hmmph. You didn't ask me! I didn't even know this blog even existed until I clicked over to find out about warts which is dumb because nobody in my family has ever even had warts. But now I know.


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