Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Natural cure to warts!!

So, we have gotten rid of tons of warts at our house--naturally.

At the suggestion of my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner--we used UNFILTERED White Vinegar (you can get it at Sprouts in AZ).

Here are the videos that tell you how to do it--and proof that it works.


  1. Here is my question...will it work on flat warts? I have about 30 on the back of my leg that have been there for like 7 or 8 YEARS and I went to the derm doc and he froze off 5, now i have 5 large scars and 25 warts still there. He really had no ideas to get rid of them other than duct tape which I did for months with NO results. He said flat warts are the hardest warts to get rid of because the virus builds a a sort of callus and your immune system doesn't even know that it's there because it's so small. I am so sick of these dang things I will try just about anything!

    1. No idea. Try it and let me know. It kind of sounds like kizzy's wart--it was super hard and flat. It actually somehow gets into your system and can clear up others that weren't touched. At least it did that to Hyrum. Let me know if it works!


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